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    Review 1 of 26: Move In Experience
    The staff was very courteous and made you feel welcome. Liana Battista was more than helpful in helping me choose the right unit and assisting me during the whole process.
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    Review 2 of 26: Happy
    I resided here for three years and LOVED it. Sadly I relocated to another state. BUT I'm coming back home! And I'm returning back to Los Prados! Clean, quite, great maintenance staff. If anything went wrong in my apartment, it was immediately taken care of by the next day. The assistant property manager Ms. Dunn was/ is THE BEST...... Convenient to everything and my school is literally down the street. Love this place
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    Review 3 of 26: New home
    The process was absolutely amazing due to Tatyana. She was amazing, professional and personable from start to finish. I love my new place it is perfect for me. Thank you!!!
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    Review 4 of 26: Great hospitality
    The staff are great Beautiful place
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    Review 5 of 26: Still Loving Los Prados
    We are living in Los Prados for many years now. We wouldn't be here this long if we weren't loving it. Maintenance technicians remain top notch. Property / landscaping is just gorgeous. Los Prados has everything we could possibly want and need: gym, bbq grills, two pools (absolutely gorgeous pools), hot tub, tennis and basketball courts, washer / dryer in our apartment, all appliances in kitchen including dishwasher and microwave. We also have two laundry facilities on property grounds for larger items like comforters, etc. Although we hope to buy our own home one day soon, we are enjoying apartment living.... I specifically love NOT having to worry about unexpected repair expenses!
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    Review 6 of 26: Awesome place and staff
    I loved this place during 2 years.. Thank you Chris Dun for your good assistance
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    Review 7 of 26: AC problem quickly resolved
    Our AC stopped running and we noticed a leak on the handler. We immediately placed a maintenance request. Within one hour Harold knocked on our door. The AC has been fixed and everything is going well!!! Thank you Los Prados once again for your prompt expert maintenance service. It's a pleasure to live here and we feel good about renewing our lease for another year!
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    Review 8 of 26: Beyond content
    After much research and a plethora of tours throughout the city of Plantation, I'm so excited to be moving into Los Prados and calling it my home! Jerome was AMAZING and so instrumental in finding my home and finalizing my decision! I couldn't be happier! Thank you!
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    Review 9 of 26: Amazing Community with Awesome Staff
    You cannot beat Los Prados' prime location in the middle of Plantation. It is a convenient location to everything. There are a few grocery stores within a mile, lots of restaurants, movie theaters, shopping, close to 595 and a short walk or jog to Central Park. The Leasing Office frequently has Resident Appreciation Days (Ice Cream Day, Watermelon on the Go Day, Food Truck Day and more). The staff is very welcoming and provides first class service. They are extremely helpful, professional, and thoughtful. I had the pleasure of dealing with Jerome Duncan who assisted me when looking for an apartment in this amazing community. He didn't just close the book when I moved in, but he followed up with me to make sure everything was in order. It made the process of moving into a new community a pleasure. Thank you Jerome (Leasing Consultant) and Racquel James (Property Manager).
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    Review 10 of 26: Move In
    I moved in on July 16th. The staff was so helpful and made my transition a pleasant one. The apartment is beautiful and the complex is quiet. I definitely feel great about my decision to move here.
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    Review 11 of 26: Best leasing Consultants ever!
    To who ot may concern: I will ike to send a kudos to two of the best leasing Consultants I've encountered. That would Jerome Duncan and Christine. Not only are they great to work with, but exemplify the epitome of customer service. This is why I have continued my residence withi the Los Prados community. I always look forward to their positive attitude and welcoming smiles whenever I visit the office. Guys keep that I can do it attitude as this community catapult to the next level of luxury apartment living.
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    Review 12 of 26: The Los Prados Team Created a Wow Experience for Us!
    Christine and her Team truly created a WOW experience and my son is very happy to be back at Los Prados. From the moment we reached out, she let us know what units were available given our timeline, and outlined the entire process. She kept us informed through the entire application process and ensured that once approved, we had all the necessary documents ready, so that we could receive the unit on the move-in date. She also ensured that we were able to get the desired unit, which was just renovated (prior to move-in) and looks great. Also a beautiful view of the lake. Stunning and such a change from downtown Miami. Thank you again Los Prados Team- Christine, Jerome, Schaily and Racquel.
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    Review 13 of 26: Maintenance- Harold
    Maintenance (Harold) came by last Wednesday (I think it was Wednesday) to fix our a/c issue (leaking). I got to say that he was friendly, informative and very pleasant. He quickly and efficiently took care of everything and REFUSED to accept a tip that we offered him. (We usually try to tip most of the time.). Anyway we also inquired with him about the work order status for our fridge (leaking). He immediately took care of the fridge problem for us. Just wanted to let you know that we feel your maintenance crew are awesome INCLUDING Harold!!! Have a nice day.
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    Review 14 of 26: Best crew
    Jerome has been amazing in handling all our issues - lived there for a million years and he is truly the best of the best .. and the reason why I keep renewing my lease
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    Review 15 of 26: Excellent!
    Beautiful Property. Great Staff...Great Location.
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    Review 16 of 26: Great Services Schaily Schaper
    I just rente, I went to the office and Schaily took care of me and it was the best, everything was super fast and very comfortable, excellent attention and the best service.
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    Review 17 of 26: satisfecho
    Estamos muy contentos de vivir aquà en los prados, el lugar es muy bonito y muy tranquilo, le damos las gracias a Germania por ayudarnos y hacer de nuestro ingreso lo mas cómodo y fácil posible .
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    Review 18 of 26: Great Place to Live.
    Moved in a little under a year ago, and its been a pure pleasure residing here at Los Prados. The office staff are always available to assist with any situation, as well as the maintenance team. I have encountered Germania, and Christine in which are 2 of the most sweetest individuals you will meet. I absolutely love it here.
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    Review 19 of 26: Jerome
    As a person working in the Hospitality/Medical profession . You pride yourself in your ability to help others . Your daily focus is to assist others in what ever capacity you’re able. In my quest of seeking new Living Quartets , I found myself becoming discouraged. But , then I discovered "LOS PRADOS Apartment Homes”. From the moment I walked into the leasing office , I felt at home. Leasing consultant Jerome Duncan, was a vital instrumental peace in that. Among him , are a host of inviting staff that are just as eager to service and assist. My Move-In process was easy and painless. Honestly , I have never experienced such a smooth transition. The icing on the cake was , Jerome made it possible for me to move in on my Birthday!! Big Shout Out to Los Prados Apartment Homes and Staff!
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    Review 20 of 26: Love Living at Los Prados
    We love love love living in Los Prados. Our apartment is amazing. We love our patio / Terrace. Leasing office personnel and maintenance staff are likewise amazing. We love and use the pool, hot tub and and tennis courts.. Our apartment includes a washer and dryer, but sometimes we need to launder big items such as comforters etc so we are grateful for the conveniently located clean and well maintained laundry facilities. We have BBQ and picnic areas and playgrounds for the children. We love the fact that pets are welcome. I love seeing dogs walking around with their owners... and that the property here remains clean. Landscaping is clean and just gorgeous. we have two dogs of our own and they love going for walks. I can't say enough about how much we love living here.
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    Review 21 of 26: Orestes Arias, Oscar Solis, Germania Gross
    We have lived for past 3 years now in Los Prados and we love it!! It's super safe, clean and such a convenient location in Plantation (everything is just a few minutes away). My 3 year old daughter loves to go to the pool and play ground or simply walk around the community, everyone is nice, the staff is incredible, in the maintenance team all of them are amazing, specially Oscar Solis and Orestes Arias, they're always ready to help you, super honest and great hard working people. In the leasing office Germania is simply the best!! We consider them our friends now, they has seen my daughter grow up in here. We hardly had any issue or repairs needed because the apartments are in great shape (We lived in 1 unit for 3 years and now up graded to a new unit) and any minor repair they're always around to fix it intermediately. We will continue to be here until we purchase a home, I won't move to another community!!!!
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    Review 22 of 26: ORESTES ARIAS
    Orestes Arias from Maintenance been for years a great addition to your Company. He's been an important value to this place. Honest, Excelente worker, Good person, Good manners, Efficiency; in a word "The Best" is really bad that we have to loose him. We been living in here for more than 6 years and we never have any complaint about his work.
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    Review 23 of 26: Orestes Arias
    From: Rich Rabin & Patricia Derosier We are writing this comment about an employee at Los Prados, Orestes Arias. We understand Orestes is leaving Los Prados to manage another facility. We have lived here for over 8 years. This is a great loss to us. We have nothing but praise for Orestes. Whenever there was a problem, he responded quickly, and resolved the problem. His demeanor was always polite and friendly whether on the job or seeing him around the complex. We wish Orestes the best of luck in his new position.
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    Review 24 of 26: Great Service!
    Wow, I never would have expected to be treated the way I was. Jerome helped me and my girlfriend with everything we needed. We had to have a few things fixed the week we first moved in but they were minor and literally in a matter of an hour someone was at our house fixing what ever needed to be done. I highly recommend living here and if you get the opportunity ask for Jerome he is really great!
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    Review 25 of 26: Best place with the best people
    Moving is always a nightmare but the staff at Los Prados made it super easy. They truly do go above and beyond making sure your settled in and everything is ok. Jerome was awesome he helped us with the lease and find the perfect apartment. Even after we moved in he continued to check and make sure that all of our questions were answered. Anytime I need anything I know I can go to him and he will do what ever it takes to make sure any problem gets fixed. The apartment it self is also amazing much better then most others we looked at.
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    Review 26 of 26: This was home to me
    Los Prados was my home for the last 3 years. I never had any problems with either the staff nor my neighbors. Staff was always proffesional and quick to attend to any concern and when it was time to attend to any maintenance issue, it was always resolved within 24 hours. My building was located at the back of the complex and parking was always available and when it relates to safety, I used to leave my apartment at 4 or 5 in the morning to meet with my friends for a run and I never felt that it was not safe. I moved because I was almost 30 miles from work and was able to find an apartment 2.5 miles away from work. I was a happy tenant.